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AT Compliance Safety Consulting(CSC) we provide professional OSHA safety consulting. We provide "Full Circle Safety Support" Which means we do everything from Consulting, Site Inspections, Safety Program Management, Incident Investigations and even have our own in-house and fully featured web software, called Compliance Headquarters. Our software allows us to manage and track our client's important documents, safety credentials, and much more.


CSC provides top-notch Safety Consulting services from small to enterprise level businesses. Our job is to provide you with a professional safety support framework in which your business can conduct operations in a safe environment and OSHA compliant environment. From inspections, audits, safety programs, training, software and much, much more CSC can provide you with Full Circle Safety Support.

Safety Consulting
Site Inspections


We do our utmost best to provide an OSHA compliant environment. Constuction and industrial sites have large sets of issues and safety challenges they must overcome, which is why we provide customized program management since every jobsite's requirements are unique.


Every single client, and project is unique and that's why we work individually to develop a tailored safety program that will fit your requirements. Not only do we develop safety programs from the ground up, but we also provide a digital web platform, Compliance-HQ that allow us to streamline our processes, making everyday reporting and data collection tasks much easier.

Safety Checklist
Incident Investigations


Accidents happen, which is why it's extremely important to conduct Incident Investigations. Incident Investigations allow us to create a framework where we can analyze and prevent future incidents by looking at the root cause. We can then build a safety program around this to help mitigate or eliminate future incidents.

Compliance HQ Product Features

Credential Tracking

With our Personnel Profile Management(PPM) Software, our users can manage and track their employee's safety credentials. Users receive notifications when a required credential has expired, and much more.

Document Management

With our Document Management Center(DMC), our users can manage all of their safety related documentation. Users can easily access, create and update important files in a centralized and efficient manner.

OSHA Record Keeping

Incident investigations can be a tedious thing, but with our Incident Record Keeper(IRK), this makes handling incidents a breeze. Users submit multi-step reports for which collecting incident data for later analysis and reporting.

Safety Statistics

Once incidents have been submitted through the IRK, our software collects and analyzes the data which is then presented to the user visually, using easily to read graph and chart formats which is useful for end of the year reports.